About Scene It Social

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social media marketing, website design, email marketing & brand identity design based on the sunshine coast.

It all started when we realised small business owners are too busy to sweat the small stuff. And yes, social media sometimes gets considered the small stuff. We're here to tell you that social media is actually the big stuff, made up of lots of small stuff and how doing it beautifully actually makes a BIG difference to your business.

Hello. My name is Tahlia Shorter and yes, that's me staring off into space trying to act as natural as the scenary around me! 

Where were we? Yes, my thirst for keeping up with social media trends has taken me far professionally and personally and I have been lucky to be apart of the marketing world for the last seven years. I was tired of working in industries that didn't excite me and so when I decided to start my very own boutique agency, I knew I wanted our team to specialise in the Fashion, Hair & Beauty scene. 

So what do your get exactly when you hire the Scene It Social team? Your very own Social Media Marketer's and a Design Team to bounce your ideas off.  You get your very own team of experts who are invested in your business succeeding. We have access to specialist marketers, photographers, videographers, stylists, copywriters, SEO gurus, and web developers all part of the cog that enables SIS to deliver.

My goal is to provide a solution for business owners who know they need to be active in this space but no matter how hard they try to prioritise it, their busy schedule gets in the way. Before they know it, it's been three months since their last blog post, six months since their last email to customers and Facebook hasn't seen any love in weeks. If this sounds familiar, our packages are purpose built to keep your business always looking beautiful online, active and most importantly in touch with your tribe.