How to Build a Brand on Social Media

In more cases than not social media is essential to building a brand. Many modern brands started out with a blog, worked to grow an engaged audience, collaborated with other brands and influencers before creating their own successful brand. They knew they would be successful because the business model had been tested on social media by building a buzz, testing the audience, and gauging product reception before launching the brand.

Now brands are killing it with their social presence and boosting their branding and business goals through social media. Every business knows they need a social media presence but only a relatively small number realise the value social media can add to their bottom line. So how do you do it?

Building with Social

Modern consumers, especially Millennials and Generation Zers, want to consume their media in easy-to-digest formats and to connect with the people behind the brand. This is why it is so important to create a recognisable identity for your brand.

Visual content is the future, specifically videos, as it captures far more attention than long op-eds or wordy posts. That’s not to say words no longer have an impact, ironically Instagram posts with length captions suggests something worthwhile is being said. This is likely because Instagram is about aspirational imagery and that lends itself wonderfully to the storytelling element of brand building.

A healthy mix of video and photo with thoughtful captions and complemented with a copy strategy will help increase your social media profile and naturally promote you on the feeds of your followers and in the “suggested follows” recommendations. Don’t worry about over-posting; two or three posts a day won’t overwhelm your followers but it will build your feed and optimise the social algorithms.

Always end your posts with a call to action where possible to encourage the engagement that ultimately builds the brand as your audience is identified and catered for.

Brand for the Audience

Entertaining and engaging is precisely what your brand should be if it is to appeal to potential customers. Followers become customers when they trust a brand, are invested in the story, and are entertained. If you want your audience to be in it for the long-haul and to emotionally (and financially) invest in your brand you’ve got to create authentic content that is about building long-term relationships not turning a quick buck.

Think about what your brand stands for and the voice you wish to curate. Choose words, tones and looks that accurately describe your values and make them synonymous with your brand across your content.

A well thought-out content strategy is crucial to getting people to engage with your brand and audience engagement, giving people a reason to care about the content, is the key to getting social shares. Great content will get an audience engaged and that may be a share, a comment, or tagging a friend. And the more engagement you get the more informed your strategy becomes as the metrics put out more useful information from repeat viewership and times of views to engagement rate. The more you know about how, when, who and what is gaining traction the easier it becomes to create more successful content in the future.

Never be afraid

The metrics you get from your content will be invaluable to creating future content but don’t be slow to be self-critical or afraid of failure. Consume your own content before it goes out and see how long it takes you to engage or disengage. Try new things all the time and always look forward to the next great thing you could create. If it doesn’t work shrug it off and move on.

Maybe you’ll find one thing you tried didn’t work or it didn’t work out the way you wanted and it would benefit from a few tweaks. Never be ashamed of remixing a post or trying to make something better.

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