Facebook Messenger Bots and What They Mean for Your Business

Social media is becoming a major customer service tool and companies small and large are saving time whilst still creating awesome customer experiences by using Chatbots on their Facebook Messenger.

And if you’re wondering what a Chatbot is… Chatbots are the best virtual assistants you could ever want! They take the repetition out of customer service tasks, get vital information to clients more quickly and can help improve your personal marketing strategy.

Why Facebook Messenger?

Fully-automated instant responses, 24/7. No more waiting around for a reply, with a Chatbot your clients will get immediate information regarding directions, opening hours and services – they could even book an appointment right in Messenger without anyone from your business having to type in a reply.  

If you’re running Facebook ads then you’re probably getting the same few questions over and over. You can’t ignore those messages but it can become time consuming for someone to answer them all. Even 30 minutes a day responding to messages adds up to thousands of dollars in appointments over the year.

Quick responses make clients feel engaged and valued – Chatbots are quick, effective and informative without seeming impersonal; they’re coded with your responses after all!

What Can They Do?

Chatbots can do a lot depending on what you want them to do and what you teach them. One of the best advantages of a Chatbot is how quickly it can answer the questions you are most commonly asked and some of the basic tasks it can perform.

Your Chatbot could answer questions like “what are your prices?” “what are your opening hours?” or “do you do balayage?”. Enquiries like “I want to book an appointment” can be handled inside the Messenger conversation for your salon

Imagine that your business has recently moved location or is a bit tricky to find for first-time visitors. If when booking an appointment your Chatbot asks if this will be their first visit and they say ‘yes’ then it can send them a map or photos of nearby landmarks. This not only helps the client feel valued but makes the customer experience much smoother which helps build brand loyalty.

Or if a potential client asks to see examples of your work they get an instant response with your latest Instagram photos and videos.

Personal Marketing Opportunities

There are so many additional benefits to using Chatbots and practical applications beyond responding with opening hours and prices.

Anyone who has commented on your posts or messaged your page could be sent a discount code or details of your latest promotion by your Chatbot.

Clients can engage with you immediately after seeing your content and are more likely to book immediately if the option is right there rather than waiting for a follow up message.

Your Chatbot can even follow up with customers who have used it to book an appointment by offering discounts for them and a friend. Recommend a Friend promotions are a great way to expand your customer base. Chatbot discount marketing messages could also help fill up empty slots on slow days.

Facebook Messenger messages are far more likely to be opened than emails so Chatbots are a great source of lead generation and revenue through personal marketing.

What Chatbot Should I Use?

There are plenty of Chatbot providers out there but whichever one you choose it’s important to ensure your bot is done well and is written with your voice. Remember, it’s not there to replace anyone – a Chatbot should be able to answer basic questions and take bookings, handing over to a human if the client needs anything complex or advice.

We’ve used ManyChat because it’s free to start with, simple, easy-to-use, and the pro accounts are competitively priced. With this service you can create a bot in minutes without coding knowledge. It uses an intuitive drag`n`drop builder and only needs to be connected to your Facebook to set it up – perfect if you want something that just works with no faff!

Get started on your own Facebook Messenger chatbot for your business and start reaping the benefits!