What Your Salon Website Needs to Encourage More Bookings

It’s great that you’ve developed an online presence for your salon, but having just a website with a pretty logo on it won’t necessarily get you the bookings you need for your business. We’ve got some fabulous tips to help you optimise your website so that you get the most bookings possible and see people hopping into your chairs!

Beautiful design

Put simply, if your website isn’t attractive, it won’t draw people in. And just as importantly, your site needs to attract its target audience. Carefully consider the colours, images, and graphics chosen to use on the website, because with so many on the internet today, yours needs to stand out! Having a visually appealing salon website is crucial to building an even stronger client base in this competitive market.

Every salon has a vibe that clients pick up on as soon as they walk in, whether it’s the décor, the music or the way each stylist interacts with everyone. That ‘vibe’ needs to also be reflected in your website!

Mobile friendly

More people interact with a website from mobile devices, and it’s a trend that is set to continue well into the future. Something that is successful on a desktop version of a site can be horrible on a mobile version, so you need to look at your website on your phone and tablet. Not all images need to be high-resolution – when people view websites on their computer, they usually have access to broadband speeds that can handle anything. For a mobile device, the processing power can be slower. It doesn’t mean you should abandon high-resolution images altogether; it just means they need to be optimised.

Also, text is much more adaptable and loads faster. But avoid huge chunks of it for readability’s sake! On mobiles, it means that people will be able to see everything that you want to say on their screen before scrolling down.

Easy booking forms and integrations

Let’s face it. The internet is here to stay, and a lot of salons should be using it as an active business platform to get clientele in through their doors. Many clients surf the internet outside of business hours and they are more likely to want to make a booking on the spot than trying to remember to call you the next day. If your salon’s business hours are 9am to 5pm on regular days, then you need to have an easy-to-use online booking system to take appointments after those times.

These are just three foundation steps to take when building the perfect website platform to encourage more bookings. Your salon site should never be considered finished, it should always be changing – tweak it, enhance it, develop it regularly if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Make it easy for clientele to get to your bookings page, and make sure your messages are clear and concise!