Why DIY Website Builders Are Great - If You Know What You're Doing

Anyone can build a website these days, right? It’s true, there is an extensive range of user-friendly website builders on offer. A simple way to do-it-yourself. It sounds like a great idea in theory - if you know what you’re doing that is. You could even save a few dollars by building your own website. However, there are several reasons why it’s not always such a great idea to take the DIY path. Let’s take a look at a few of the main concerns and why it’s a smart idea to leave it to the professionals.

You get what you pay for

Remember that old adage ‘you get what you pay for’? Well it’s very true in this case. You cannot expect to have a well-designed and functional website that costs next to nothing. The design of a website is extremely important. It’s often the first introduction to your business that your customers have. Have you ever visited a poorly designed website and had a negative opinion of the business? Put simply, you could miss out on conversions if your website is lacking in professional appeal.


A DIY website usually means limited functionality and responsiveness. Opting for a professionally designed site means you’ll have greater control over the functions and content. Navigating a website should be easy and straightforward. It’s frustrating for customers to have to click and click to find a particular part of your website. Keep in mind how your customers view your website too. How does your site look on a mobile? Is it funcional? According to smartinsights.com almost 50 per cent of consumers are using their mobile to view websites, making it essential that your website is optimised for mobile.

User experience

Do you have the necessary design skills to professionally edit photos and create graphics at specific sizes to suit your website template? Oh how terrible a site can look when things don’t ‘fit’ proportionally. Google has particular standards to determine how your page will be ranked and surprisingly a lot of the ranking is associated with the structure and usability of your site. This includes how images are displayed and the way your copy is laid out. These are basic tasks a professional can assist with. Always remember that the user is the main focus of your website.

The time factor

We know you’re busy working on and running your business. Time is money - so PLEASE save yourself the time and frustration of attempting to create a website on your own. Hand it over to a professional and stay on track!

If you’re going to build a website, do it properly. Think about what you want your website to say about your business. If you don’t have the experience or knowledge to build a website, then don’t. Blurry images, basic clip art or poorly used fonts are not acceptable. Your website is a business tool - use it well.