How to Use Live Videos To Get Leads

Video content will tremendously help your brand, but it’s only one step on the road to success. Managing an awesome business means you need to have social media presence, that’s just how the world works these days, and we understand that starting out in the market means cash flow can be more like a cash cow – not moving very much and eating all the grass.

The true pioneer that can give your business an opportunity to expand your online exposure at almost no expense is Facebook. It’s the platform you need to be on, but the deal is you have to play the game and hop on trend with live streaming videos. Having a steady cascade of videos will mean more chance to get on top of the algorithm within Facebook, so people are bound to see it first at the top of their newsfeed. The platform has reportedly been boosting live videos onto newsfeeds more than any other content, so there’s more exposure for you!

People respect transparency, and Facebook Live provides opportunities to show your followers who you really are, communicate with them for as long as you wish and portray the image of authenticity. You’ll achieve a degree of transparency that will result in a stronger, more personal relationship with your audience, who will be able to view aspects of your work previously inaccessible. It will give a face to your brand, a valuable factor. And the best part? It’s totally free!

Generate Leads

People don’t have time to read through a big bulk of text in the fast-changing digital world. In an online world of viral content and trends, users are happy to engage with a quantity of content as opposed to quality, yet oddly enough, the average person spends up to 2 hours on social media every day! So, to attract potential leads, always use a catchy title or appealing topic for your live streams, then cover the topic, finish with your marketing funnel, and interact with your viewers.

The idea is to keep viewers hanging on until the very end when you typically pitch your business or product. But most importantly, ask questions throughout your talk so everyone can respond or ask you the questions in real time within the comments of your live stream. Remember, as the millennial generation begins to take the reins and evolve into more senior roles within their industries, it’s vital you engage with this valuable demographic early. You can maximise your chances of connecting with these people by positioning your organisation in digital social spaces through Facebook Live.  

Demonstrate Your Products

In some cases, you don’t have to wait until the end of your live video to sell or promote your product, you can easy do a demo while at the same time offer useful tips and how-to information. But don’t appear pushy or cluttered with heavy-handed pitches, you want to keep it subtle and friendly. All you need to do is talk about how amazing and awesome your business or product is, and you’ve got something for everyone to listen to!

Offer Special Discounts or Promotions During Live Streams

Once you’ve strategised the content and format of your live video, create a post to let your audiences know when you’ll be going live, and don’t forget to detail the theme of your impending content! When you go live, share specific details about your business and/or product or service, which can include links to other lead generating content such as blogs or vlogs, and ensure your special offer or discount is planned in advance. This will ensure you create attractive offers tailored to your audience, and if you’re leaning towards creating them regularly, a simple spreadsheet is all you need to plan an entire series of discounts.

By using a combination of these ideas for your Facebook live stream videos, you’ll be reaping the rewards of more audience engagement and a return on investment. As the social media platform continues to change and users get more savvy, they’re looking for brands that stand out from the crowd. So seriously consider using cost-effective ways to promote your business and offer special deals to leverage as much as possible.