6 Sins Salon Owners Make on Social Media & What You Can Do to Avoid Them

Salon owners are notorious for being busy, run off their feet and wearing all the hats the business needs to keep afloat. It’s no surprise that when you’re trying to get everything done, your social media feed may pay the price. While it may seem that anyone can do social media (and to some extent this is true), there are a few things you can do make sure it isn’t obvious that you may not quite be all over it. Social media can truly make or break a brand, so it’s extremely crucial to remember that it must not only be handled with care, but handled professionally.

Here are 6 of the top mistakes salon owners make on social media, and how you can easily avoid them while developing a can’t-resist-must-follow social media strategy for your hair salon.

Lazy screen shots

The last thing you want your audience to think when it comes to your salon and your brand is that you’re not putting any effort into its social media. You have enough on your plate running your business, it’s a given that if you’re in charge of socials, no doubt you’ll do most of it from the comfort of your smartphone - on the go.

Don’t make the mistake of screenshotting something you see and then posting that exact snapshot from your phone’s gallery into your socials. To put it bluntly, you don’t want to appear unprofessional with the icons that sit at the top of your screen – you know what we’re talking about…battery life, WIFI connection, the time of day, and oh yes…you’re with OPTUS.

Most phones have edit features that pop up as soon as you take a screenshot. The latest Apple iOS and Samsung software offers the ability to crop features to the shape and size you need. Get rid of those extra bits you don’t need your audience seeing, crop it!  There really is no excuse.

Branded shares

One of the greatest things about social media is the ability to not only keep track of other salons and see what they’re doing to engage with their audiences, but connecting with those businesses and watching for those amazing shots they keep putting up! Platforms like Instagram allow you to share any images you think might be a great addition to your viewers, but watch out for any that have their brands plastered all over the picture.

This can include photos of other people’s staff or clients, and of course the name of the salon in the background. It’s nice to share posts, it tells others that you are part of a community, but limit these because you don’t want to give the impression that the photo is yours. You will have to give credit where credit is due, and unless the shares are from a sister-salon, keep in mind you’ll be sharing the image of a competitor.

Collage Apps

There are so many great and amazing apps out there to put a collection of photos together in one image, and they work beautifully for personal posts, but what about for your salon? For a business, collages look slightly inelegant, especially when one collaged image sits uncomfortably among a group of beautiful one-photo posts on your account.

Try not to focus so much on quantity; instead, look at the quality. Post the one image that speaks a thousand words. You’ll find your reach and engagement will be three-fold when it comes to beautiful imagery that is high-quality, bright with colour, and aimed to stand out from the crowd. When you want to use more than one picture to tell a story, use Instagram’s multiple upload option with swipe action instead.

If you must use a collage app, ensure you spend the extra couple dollars upgrading from the free to the premium version to avoid having the app’s watermark sit at the bottom of it. It’s like using a professional photographer’s photo; pay to get the right version, or risk looking like you can’t afford to buy it.

Same-same over again

Try to get out of the habit of using the same style of images over again – shots of your clients’ finished hair from the back. Ensure you post pictures of your clients’ faces as well as their hair, perhaps include testimonials within the text of the post. Other ideas include your staff, behind the scenes, even how-to or salon tour videos.

While we’re talking photographs, take a look at some of your favourite Instagram accounts. What is it that you notice most? It’s probably the consistent quality of imagery. To get noticed, to look professional and to have people engaging, the one thing you really need to take focus on is your image quality. Invest in quality lighting, branded backdrops and a good camera (an iPhone will do the trick if you have everything else right).

Posting the same images that are of low quality makes for a monotonous account, so put in the effort to create imaginative and amazing photography!  

Poor grammar and spelling

It’s the little things that count too, and it looks unprofessional when your apostrophes are in the wrong place, commas are non-existent, you’re shortening words by leaving out vowels, and other words are being misspelled. Don’t forget to use Australian spelling too -  ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ for words like ‘specialise’ (not ‘specialize’).

Don’t skimp out on your grammar and spelling, because it simply looks like you’re lacking in professionalism. Accompany your brilliant photographs with brilliant wording.

Not engaging with audiences

The biggest, biggest sin of them of all is not responding to your audience’s enquiries and just referring them to call your salon. The idea of social media is to be – you guessed it – social! If you’ve posted a vivid colour job you’ve created with a client, say a beautiful pastel colour melt, and someone asks if those colours are possible on brunette hair, answer them directly and publicly. Chances are someone else was wondering the same thing, and if you can’t answer them without getting them into the salon for a colour consult, say that.

Not only will you be engaging with someone who could potentially call in to your salon without your prompting, but you will be seen to be highly knowledgeable about your industry and that you care for people to get the right information or at least you care enough to encourage a consultation so you can provide the right advice.

Don’t make the social media blunders that many other hair salons make. Learn from others and hit the ground running by avoiding them and ensuring your posts are top knot-ch.  

If you find yourself with limited time or knowledge to dedicate to your social media platforms, services at social media agencies can assist with your strategies and take over the responsibility altogether. Scene It Social provides tailored social media packages to the hair and beauty industry, and can work with you to make your social media content irresistible. They can be easily contacted on 0413 546 493 or visit sceneitsocial.com.au.