How Email Marketing Can Work to the Benefit of Your Salon

You know you need to attract new clients and keep your existing ones coming back with marketing tactics, but sometimes the time and effort, and in many cases the investment, just isn’t something you can focus on. This mind set needs to change! Reaching out beyond the salon is just as important as interacting with your clients face-to-face, but it doesn’t need to be as irritating as spam or as extensive as a billboard.

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective and powerful solutions to reach clients quickly, efficiently, and in the comfort of their own homes. It has the potential to be the bread and butter of your external communications, having one of the highest ROI (return on investment) of any marketing activity. Put simply, email is more accessible than ever, with many, if not most, people having settings on their smartphones ‘pinging’ every time a new message is received. The generations of today are addicted to smartphones, with an astonishing 50 per cent of users grabbing them first thing in the morning, and when your client subscribes to your emails, they’re giving you permission to communicate directly to the device that rarely leaves their hands. Convenience to access your clients has never been easier.

It’s effortless to get your salon messages across with emails – well placed, meaningful links and calls to action will lead clients back to your website or social media platforms, and most importantly, back through your doors and into the salon chair. Salon software is amazing and dynamic, but platforms available online like MailChimp specialise in sending out mass newsletters that convert to beautifully designed directives, and can exceed basic text emails that most salon software uses. There are some out there which integrate seamlessly with email marketing platforms, like Kitomba, and you can track bookings and conversions all from the one place.

Another benefit of using an email marketing platform is that you have access to professionally-designed templates, which are fashioned to make it quick and easy to get your message out. It also ensures you look professional when it lands in inboxes. As many as 96 per cent of click-through rates occur within the top third of an email, and it’s why layout and design is vital to focus on – you need to ensure pertinent information never gets situated toward the bottom, or you’ll be doing a huge disservice to your strategy.

Some may think email marketing a bit of a gimmick, but people have gotten wise about it all, and they know click bait when they see it. It’s important to think like a client, and ask yourself what you would like to see come through, but at the same time segment your audience to create tailored campaigns. For instance, a brilliant way to avoid spamming those who may not be interested in particular hair services provided by your salon is targeting only those who appear relevant. If you’re having a special on extensions, don’t waste time connecting with those who have long locks already; the same can apply for foils and brilliant colours. Knowing your clientele is a part of being in the industry, and you can truly make email marketing a personal experience by segmenting this way.

Privy subject lines connect more with readers and stimulates curiosity, and make your clientele-only offers and promotions available via email. Social media is incredible for reaching beyond your direct demographics, but it can attract those who are simply after an offer. Using email marketing means you are talking straight to your client base, which means you can be highly exclusive and reward loyalty.  

But that’s not to say you should send emails ‘just because’. Your clients believe in you, your salon, your team and the products you supply, so ensure they are receiving relevant, useful information that doesn’t come across as monotonous and tedious. What’s amazing about the hair industry is that there is so much out there to share with clients, peers and suppliers, it would be difficult to not come up with interesting topics that bring discussion to the forefront.

Email marketing to your clientele is one of the best ways outside of a direct sale to promote services and products that you provide. It’s here you can attach links to online articles, informational pages, and include videos and photographs of what you and your salon does best. Perhaps getting more technical, you can include a link to allow readers to book their next appointment straight from the email. The possibilities are endless with how far you can take your email marketing strategy!

Sending emails that come across as a conversation between friends over coffee will go a long way towards building trust with your salon audience. Keep your content friendly and relevant, but most of all valuable. This form of marketing is rarely done in the hair space, so now is the perfect time to get innovative and be seen at the cutting edge of new communication skills to your clients.

There’s no need for concern, however, if you find yourself with limited time or knowledge to dedicate to email marketing. Services by digital marketing agencies can assist with your strategies to connect beyond the salon or take the responsibility on altogether, and you can find one that will easily fit in with your brand. Here at Scene It Social, we provide tailored email marketing services to the hair industry, and can work with you to get your messages out there. Just give us a call on 0413 546 493 or send us an email to <3

Written by Tahlia Shorter as featured in Hair Biz Magazine.