What is the Social Platform Ello and Should Your Business Be On It?

With social media being the driving force behind so many aspects of our lives, whether it be personal or business, is it any wonder that new and innovative platforms are constantly being created? Well, make way for one more social network because Ello, although having been around for a few years now, is fast picking up the pace and coming back after it dropped from the spotlight.

So what is Ello and should your business be on?

Ello’s Basics

The social platform was launched back in March 2014 with an attractive promise to be an ad-free networking site. Once called the ‘anti-Facebook’ by some critics, Ello today is a social site connecting artists and designers to share their work and give feedback to peers.

It’s a simple and stylish platform that has found its niche – creatives, like editorial hair stylists and interior designers. You won’t find memes or funny cat compilations– just a streamlined artistic-looking page (not unlike Pinterest) that showcases high-end photos and videos, which are clearly curated by users (selfies appear to be quite the rarity here).

Ello has always proposed that it will be an ad free social media platform, and it can do this by not harvesting user data to sell advertisements. Its founders, Paul Budnitz and Todd Berger, have been quoted as saying they’re not in the business of selling ads.


Ello has some similar features to that of other networks – tagging other users, viewing videos and photos, sharing posts as well as liking and commenting on others’ posts.

But because Ello is a site aimed at creatives who want to share their professional work, then it’s only fitting to see a nifty messaging system where you hit either a ‘hire’ or ‘collaborate’ button on a user’s profile and send them a note. Spotted the profile of an amazing fashion designer you want to work with? Hit that button! We all know and hear of the struggles that creatives face when it comes to getting paid for their work, so it’s fantastic to see a promotional tool, if you will, that encourage users to hire someone for paid services.

Following and being followed are asymmetrical with Ello. Other great features include the ability to change your username as often as you like and hiding third party media (like YouTube) from your feed. You’re also able to post adult-oriented content so long as it follows Ello’s guidelines.

Should You Be Using Ello?  

Ello was neither created nor designed to be a mass audience product. Known as a minimalist-style network, Ello isn’t a platform for everyone. So the question remains, should your business be on it?

If you work in an industry either as freelance, sole-trade, or small business, then yes! This networking site is unbelievable when it comes to supporting creative including hairdressers, fashion designers, interior designers, and even digital marketers by allowing users to share, inspire, work and collaborate with others. But it really depends on what industry you’re in. For example, Penguin Books are making the most of their account by showcasing the artwork of their book covers and inviting people to talk about them. Fashion photographers like Erika Astrid have formed some popular accounts too by showcasing ‘teasers’ of their portfolios.  

If your business has a lot of visual elements to it, then Ello is certainly a social platform to take advantage of. There are more users on there than you’d ever think, and there’s no harm in engaging with more audiences beyond the standard platforms. You can find us on their too, we haven't been too active yet but we will certainly be spending more time there in the coming months (search @tsdigitalmarketing). See you there!