10 Social Media Content Ideas for Hair Salons - Part 1

We all know social media is one of the quickest, and most successful, ways to engage with people outside of the salon. But is there more to just posting ‘before and after’ photos of your clients’ transformations? Is there more to just reposting inspirational quotes to try and get more customers through your doors?

Of course! There are so many platforms and ideas out there to help with your socials that you’ll soon be wondering, ‘why hadn’t I done this sooner?!’ Here are some social media content ideas for hair salons that we think you’ll find incredibly beneficial.

Before and after images

Facebook and Instagram is more accessible these days than anything else on the internet, and we just look at people bizarrely if they say they don’t have an account. It’s generally the go-to for everyone, and is also one of the best places to post your ‘before and after’ images.

But remember to keep these to a minimum, mainly because every other hairdresser and salon is doing the same thing – aim for the biggest ‘before and after’ project of the week, or one that your new apprentice has achieved.

Your team in action

Just like with hair style images, you can get creative with photos of your team in action! When you hire a new stylist, share the news. When one of your hair dressers is off doing a training workshop, get them to take photos while they learn. If you’re out doing an editorial photo shoot or have entered a competition, let everyone know! These are the personal elements your audiences loves to see; they want to know you’re human and not just someone working in a salon 7 days a week.

Products and tools

When a new styling product or tool comes into your salon, grab a pic and share it on the socials. You don’t want to advertise products too often, but once in a while they’re fine, and they break up the images of faces and hair. Once you’ve take a snapshot of the product, utilising a platform like Canva is what can give you that little bit more ‘oomph’ in your image, and will set you apart from the rest (it’s a free graphic design tool website, and is so easy to use, anyone can take advantage of it!).  


Your advice

Becoming an industry leader means you need out to reach out to as many people as possible. A creative suggestion on how to do this is by making short ‘how to’ videos – if you’re targeting to get more people through the door, make a quick video tutorial on how to do a French braid and how professional stylists can work with you to put more thought and design into the finished style.

If you’re targeting apprentices, showcase some of the products you have and how to use them properly on clients. Or even tips on how to upsell those products to clients before they walk out of the salon. Advice is priceless, and you’ll find yourself representing your salon to the wider world and becoming an industry leader.

Watch the discounts

Offering discounted services is so tempting when you need new clients, but keep in mind that it actually attracts the wrong client. You want loyal clientele who aren’t tempted to jump ship at every offer they see online. However, you still need to get people’s attention, so offer bonus treatments or complimentary services to your current clients. Discounting cheapens the service experience you’ve worked hard to build over time, so think twice before doing it.

We’ll cover more social media content ideas for you very soon in Part 2 of this blog, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for more tips on engaging social media content join our exclusive Facebook group The Salon Marketing Collective, created specially for those in the hair industry. Or if you find that you don’t have enough time to be active on the socials – because let’s face it, your salon is your life and you need to take care of that first – then we can do it for you through one of our marketing packages! Yippee!