Have You Met Google Posts Yet?

Pssst. We have discovered a little something special this week and although there have been whispers circulating for a while now - the official roll out has made it's way into your Google My Business Account. Sneaky right? You may not have noticed it yet,  so if you haven't we'd like to introduce you to...... Google Posts (GP). Let's chat about what they are, how you can create one and how to maximise their effectiveness for your small business. 

Although we get a bit annoyed with Google sometimes, there is no denying how effective it is for small business. We'd all be a little lost without it. Google Posts is a new product that is allowing local businesses to post updates and news about their business which will now display in Google Search and Google Maps results. Previous to this roll out, this feature was only available to sports teams, celebrities, and museums. Move over big guys, now all business can take advantage of this new feature to promote your events, products, or services and link to your own website content (side note: your business has to be verified on Google for access). GP allow for the use of text and images and will appear in the search results, much like what you would see on social media. Seriously, Google has thought of it all. 

Google has said that this feature gives businesses the ability to:

Share daily specials or current promotions that encourage new and existing customers to take advantage of your offers
Promote events and tell customers about upcoming happenings at your location
Showcase your top products and highlight new arrivals
Choose one of the available options to connect with your customers directly from your Google listing: give them a one-click path to make a reservation, sign up for a newsletter, learn more about latest offers, or even buy a specific product from your website

Here's an Example (Purple Circle): 

While you can actually post whatever you like at the moment (and people are), Google does have some recommendations to keep in mind that will (although they haven't explicitly stated this) probably help you in the long run (SEO and all that jazz). So here are Google's suggestions for how best to use GP: 

  • Events such as a jazz brunch or an in-store session

  • Offers/specials such as sales and discounts

  • Product updates such as new merchandise

  • Announcements such as “Open late this Saturday” or “Special guests this week!”

Sounds good, right? Want to give it a try? Here's how you create your first Google Post?

Getting your first GP live literally takes only a few seconds, perfect for all you busy business babes! 

  1. Sign into your Google My Business account and click to manage the location that you wish to make the post for

  2. Click on the link ‘Create a post”

  3. Once you click on this, you will get a popup screen that will allow you to set all the variables for the post including text and images

  4. Once you are happy with how your post looks, click on ‘Preview’, and if you are happy, click publish

  5. Your new post will now appear wherever your Google My Business listing is showing

So you've got the basics covered, but how do you make your Google Post perfect?

Google Post Images Requirements

One of the best features of Google Posts is the fact that can you upload a photo with your post. So, make sure the image is eye catching. You want your post to stand out from the noise in the regular search engine results page (SERP).  A few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the photo is relevant, well shot, and with good framing. This is a chance to showcase your business so don't waste the opportunity.
  • Photos need to be clear and direct, and in-focus with bright colours. At a minimum resolution of 720px tall by 720px wide, in JPG or PNG format

Google Post Text Requirements

Once you have uploaded the perfect image, it's now time to craft the right text to accompany it on your Google Post. As it currently stands, you have two options with:

Normal Posts

These can be used for all sorts of reasons from company announcements, or latest blog posts, as well as new product announcements. The requirements of these posts are:

  • Image (Minimum resolution of 720px*720px)

  • 100-300 words of text (100-300 words or up to 1500 characters max)

  • Call to action button (choose between “Buy,” “Book online,” “Learn more,” “Call,” or “Visit.)

  • URL link

Event Post

Great for businesses running events, training, or sales. The addition of a title makes these posts really stand out.

  • Image (minimum resolution of 720px*720px)

  • Event Title (4-5 words or 58 characters max)

  • 100-300 words of text (100-300 words or up to 1500 characters max)

  • Event timeframe (start time & end time)

  • Call to action button (choose between “Buy,” “Book online,” “Learn more,” “Call,” or “Visit.)

  • URL link

Some final inspiration for creating an effective Google Post

  • Be specific about what you are promoting - what are the main things your customer needs to know about? Eg. “Free Kevin Murphy Moisture Treatment! With every half head of foils service on Monday-Thursday”

  • Explain to your customers what you want them to do. If you are selling a product you need to explain to them how they can buy! If you are a service based business explain how to book. Eg,“Give us a call on 4637 8378 to book your next appointment with one of our talented stylists.”

  • Have a USP like Free Eye Lashes with every makeover? Make sure that you promote that! Eg.“Free Napoleon Perdis Eye Lashes with all Full Face Make-overs”

  • If you have a discount or promo code, make sure you explain clearly how to take advantage of it. Eg.“Use FREESOAP at checkout to redeem your complimentary all natural soap with your order!”

  • Don’t use too many exclamation marks or all text in caps: Eg.“Closing down SALE today ONLY!!!” 

  • Keep in mind that on mobile devices the GP text is cut short - so ensure your key points are communicated at the start of the message.

  • Don’t over complicate the message - keep it simple!

So, what do you think? Share with us the link to your first Google Post below and we will give you a few pointers on how you can improve for next time! We can't wait to have a read :)