How to Slay the Flat Lay Game 

EVERYONE is hooked on Instagram, and if you say you’re not - you’re lying. All the cool-girls are laying aesthetically pleasing beauty products, accessories and clothes on perfect white backgrounds; we present… the flat lay. The truth is, you don’t have to be a cool-girl or the blogging elite to master the art of the flat lay. Businesses are also adopting this creative style into their social feeds. And for good reason too. They are an amazing addition to the news feed and highlight not only products in a stylish way, but are a great way to showcase your workspace and style. Just follow these 6 easy tips to find out how you can bring your news feed to life with flat lays;

1. Shoot in square and with a grid

The number one rule if you are shooting on your phone is to shoot in square so the picture is ready to go on your social media sites and you don't have to crop anything out. Adding in the grid feature is a great way to line up your flat lay and make it even and, well...flat. 


2. Pick a colour scheme

Even if it's a loose colour scheme, having touches of the same colour in a flat lay ties it all together and will be easier to edit at the end!

3. Lighting and background

Lighting is such an important aspect to shooting flat lays, natural lighting is always best for flat lays as it's a nice white light as opposed to the yellow light unnatural lighting. Shooting in natural light is also going to give you less shadows and a cleaner more vibrant look.

Background is another crucial flat lay 'must have', white backgrounds make for clean flat lays and are easier to edit, marble backgrounds also look fantastic and bring a sense of class to the flat lay. Brighter colours can suit certain Instagram feeds and provide a bit of personalisation and branding but are a little trickier to edit and don't give the super crisp and clean feel that a white background does.

4. Angles.

Playing around with angles is a fun way to change up the usual flat lay. Here are two pictures of the same flat lay:

As you can see both of the flat lays are 'instaworthy' and the angled image brings out another cool focus point in the flat lay that perhaps wasn't center of attention before. For classic flat lays though, the birds eyed view is a go-to and normally gets the best result, hop up on a stool to get the perfect angle, no matter how silly you look!

5. Editing, editing, editing!

The editing process of flat laying is probably the most important, choosing the right filter can either make, or break the image. For you VSCO cam users, I recommend C4, A5 and HB2, they provide the cleanest look for white backgrounds, steer clear of any filters that have an orange or blue tint as they will discolour your white paper and make the flat lay look messy:


 VSCO C5  




Adding a bit of brightness to the flat lay will go a long way too, and some sharpening so that the text in the flat lay doesn't get lost in the white background!

6. Tags!

Get ready to tag away lovely, the perfect set of tags and hashtags in your picture, will get your flat lay out there! Tag all the brands and products you used, as well as accounts that share flat lay images, such as @flatlays and @flatlay_tips, tagging these accounts will help you gain more exposure and will increase your chances of being regrammed. Hashtags such as #flatlay are a good way to connect with others also interested in flat laying and will help you get more involved within the Instagram community!

So now you’ve done your research, it’s time to find that white backdrop, and popping lightening and make your images too good to not double tap. Oh, and with all things, practice does make perfect! Happy snapping!