Say Hello to The Diet Pills of Marketing

When I hear from potential clients who are after good quality blog posts my heart sings. Why? Because more often than not clients are after a quick, cheap, miracle SEO thrill. I am referring to the clients who want to be ranked number one on Google in one week (and not by using PPC). I’m talking about the clients who want organic, search-something-somewhat-relevant and BAM! There they are at the top of the search page. Oh and trust me, there are plenty of SEO ‘companies’ who will take these projects on. You’ll most likely find them in your email SPAM folder.

If you want to be found on Google there are many strategies you need to consider and implement. The most common piece of advice you’ve most likely heard before is: ‘You need to get your content sorted’. It’s just one of those things business owners don’t like to hear. You can start with your website content or by writing blog posts. Either way, I’m sick of repeating the crappy ‘Content is King’ phrase. By now this notion should be considered as common knowledge as the colour of the sky.

Here is a good analogy to make it simple. Quality blog posts are like exercise. You won’t enjoy writing them (unless you’re a weirdo like me). You won’t see results straight away. It takes commitment. It takes blood, sweat and sometimes tears. It’s a psychological battlefield everytime you go to write and draw a blank. You worry that people will judge you for what you put on display and just like exercise you’re never really finished with it. It’s an ongoing strategy that will get your business into shape. When you’ve hit publish on a post you are filled with those happy endorphins - just like the ones you get after you’ve finished an epic gym sesh.

While I am on this fitness analogy. Here’s another one for you. Quick fix SEO promises like ‘We will get you to the top of Google - guaranteed!’ are like the diet pills you saw advertised to you at 1am on Danoz Direct. It won’t work. You’re smart. You know it’s a bad idea, don’t let the temptation get the better of you. These ‘solutions’ are designed to give you nothing but false hope and an empty wallet. There are no miracle cures when it comes to winning Google over.

My diet pill analogy only applies to the companies or consultants that promise overnight success. If they do miraculously pull through with the goods; Google in some way, shape or form will punish you for it later. Trust me, I’ve seen business owners lose their entire searchability on Google overnight. You can be deleted from Google quicker than you can say ‘Oh crap!’.  Then what? You will be invisible. I could go into the process of getting ‘un-invisible’ but I really don’t want to go there. Just trust me when I say that that’s not a situation you ever want to find yourself in. Any professional SEO consultant will tell you that results take time. Months (and sorry but) even years of tweaking and refining.

So while you can get distracted by shiny offers and quick fixes let the truth be told; results will come if you focus on quality content. There is no better way to get started on your content strategy than by putting pen to paper (figuratively) and writing your first blog. Good luck.