It's Time For A Boost!

No matter who your target audience is, it’s almost guaranteed they will have an account on Facebook (and if they don’t, well we don’t believe it…), so it’s important to take note of all the tools available to you on the socials from a business perspective. They are there to help increase your exposure – take advantage of what’s on offer!

Whether you’re social media savvy or not, marketing is a key function for any successful business, and in today’s environment, social platforms are considered a modernised form of marketing. Have you ever wondered what makes people choose certain brands over others?

These days, modern marketing is all about audience engagement, so to avoid losing your target market, Facebook allows your business to invest in promoting your posts. That little navy blue at the bottom of your post that reads ‘Boost Post’? That’s what we’re focusing on.

And here are our reasons why!

The Super Basics

A boosted post is the most basic form of advertising you can do on Facebook, and it’s created by simply allocating advertising budget to a post already publicly available on your business page. Once you click on the navy blue ‘Boost Post’ button that can be viewed by admins only, the post will go through a quick approvals process by Facebook before being seen by more people in their news feeds.

Posts on their own without boosts generally reach a very small portion of your current audience, and that could be as little as 1%! Boosting allows you to ensure a much larger audience of your choice sees the post in their news feeds, and audience engagement will increase too (which in the world of social media is in the form of post likes, shares and comments).

You’ll also be able to choose who you boost to – just people who like your page, people who like your page and their friends, or you can choose your own through targeting. It takes less than 10 minutes, and if you do everything right, you’ll get a decent engagement rate. Facebook will even notify you, telling you how much better your boosted post is doing. And if your post is highly engaging, especially to an audience broader than what you currently have, you’ll know it was well worth it!

Worth the Investment

Yes, boosting a post will cost you some money. But let’s face it, in the scheme of things, paying a few dollars for an amazingly well written, intriguing post with a great image will hardly break the bank account. If you’ve ever placed advertising in a hardcopy newspaper or magazine, you’ll know that you can pay anywhere between $300 to $15,000 for a single ad, depending on what sort of publication you go with.

You read that right. A half page ad in a magazine targeting the salon industry, for example, can set you back a minimum of $2000 (and don’t forget, you need to pay for someone to design the ad too!) while the same advertisement placed in a nationally recognised health and fitness publication will dip $10,500 into your budget. Don’t even get us started on the rates of fashion magazines.

And even that can’t guarantee a return on investment. Because how can you estimate exactly how many people have seen the ad? With a boosted post from Facebook, you will get automatic statistics on how many people viewed it, and you’ll obviously see the interactions come through.

When you boost through Facebook, you won’t be spending nearly as much as an ad through traditional media. To reach an extra 450 to 1200 people, the spend will be about $13. That’s roughly three takeaway cappuccinos. Hardly a break in the budget, right? But if that is a stretch, try just boosting for even $5 (that one latte with almond milk!).

No Boost, No Returns

Some marketing professionals claim you should never use the boosted post service because it can potentially decrease your organic reach. Which is true – to an extent. Boosting doesn’t allow your post to flourish naturally on its own, but to never use the service at all is misleading, because they can reach more people for less money than traditional advertising.

With Facebook cracking down on posts that are getting zero engagement, brands (and your competitors) will do better with their business with even the smallest spend through Facebook boosts. They will clearly hit their markets better having spent $13 than those who sit idly and refuse to invest, because hey…Facebook should be free.  

It’s this ‘Facebook should be free’ mindset that is going to cost you in the long run. Facebook is a platform that your business uses every day to reach new customers and communicate with current customers. Its tools are priceless and are responsible for some of the biggest businesses in the world's success, so why on earth would you expect this amazing platform to be free? Facebook’s algorithms are going to be forever changing so by keeping up with the latest available tools you will be better off. Boosting your posts is a feature that very soon won’t be something you will be able to avoid if you want to stay in the line of sight of your fans. It’s as simple as that.

You don’t need to boost every single post, but the ones that you think will get the most engagement for you is worth that little pick me up. Perhaps if you plan on posting 5 days a week, dedicate a $5 boost for two of them. Putting aside a small budget for social media post boosting won’t make too much of a dent in your pocket, and the potential reward and insight into your target audience is absolutely worth it. It’s time to stop burying your head in the sand, you can’t boycott Facebook. Boost your posts and get your audience engaging with you! That’s what we all want to see!